Why should you exfoliate your skin? – Phytopeel Decleor

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Tips for exfoliation and our favourite product Phytopeel cream

What is exfoliation?

Removal of dead skin cells

In essence, exfoliation is a removal of old dead skin cells accumulating on the outermost surface. It can be applied during facials, microdermabrasion or even during chemical peels however it can be achieved only by mechanical means. Exfoliation is an ideal treatment for those who care about their skin since when left unattended, dead cells can build up and dry your skin. And in consequence, lead to blemishes and acne.

Senior Therapist at Apple & Eve

on Phytopeel cream

Everybody knows how important it is to exfoliate our skin, no matter how old we are! It is a fundamental step for removing dead cells from the skin’s surface, prior to applying other products. If you don’t, the active ingredients contained in serums and cream will not be able to penetrate.

It also stimulates new cell growth – when dead cells are removed, new cells are produced which is essential for keeping the skin youthful and the process of cell renewal naturally slows down with age.

Decleor has an amazing exfoliator rich in essential oils and my favourite is the Phytopeel cream.

The essential oils included are:

  • Lemon: an astringent
  • Lavender: an antiseptic
  • Thyme: a bactericide

Why you should consider exfoliation?

Benefits of removing dead skin

It’s ideal for dry skin, oily combination and even the most sensitive skin! I love it because it can be used even around the eyes and lips. We use it in Apple & Eve’s vital eyes treatment which means it’s also a salon professional product and will give you great results at home. After using, you’ll notice your skin is deep cleansed and glowing with a beautifully refined texture.

It’s super easy to use and there are no granules inside like lots of other products. It’s just a soft cream which should be applied and left to absorb. Once it has absorbed, use gentle upward sweeps while holding the skin firm. Use once a week and you’ll definitely notice a difference.”