Smoothing, moisturising, uplifting. Many of us choose to have a facial when we’re in need of a little pampering or we have a big occasion coming up. Or we wait until we’re experiencing problems like breakouts, or dry patches or dark spots before we seek help from a therapist. But it’s worth thinking about a regular monthly facial. This will stop any skin problems even starting and will ensure your skin looks healthier, smoother and more radiant all year round. Facials give you an opportunity to relax and unwind, of course. But they also increase the circulation of blood under the skin leading to faster renewal of skin cells, and decrease the waste under the skin that causes puffiness. A good facial massage also helps promote collagen, which plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, while the exfoliation part of the process unclogs pores, deep cleans and evens out skin tone. Whatever facial you choose, the end result will be glowing, firm, and hydrated skin.

Apple & Eve Signature Facial

A deep cleansing treatment that gets exceptional results no matter your skin type. We use traditional techniques and skincare technology including steaming, manual extraction, massage and mask. Also includes hand exfoliation and back massage.

90 min


The Apple & Eve Discovery Facial

A 30 minute mini facial to help introduce our clients to our leading skincare lines while giving a quick glow to all skin types; includes a cleanse, exfoliation, the approriate serums and mask, followed by a physical SPF.

(choice of Decléor, Decléor Aurabsolu Glow Boost)

30 min


Apple & Eve Deep Cleansing Facial

Using tradition techniques including and exfoliation, steaming and manual extraction followed by a deep cleansing or hydrating mask (does not include massage)/

55 min


Apple & Eve Expert Facials

A customized facial experience provided by one of our experienced skincare specialists. Whether your concerns be with sun damage, a dull and tired complexion, hypersensitivity, oily skin and large pores, or an anti-ageing regime, our experts at Apple & Eve will help you target and achieve your skincare goals.

(choice of Ultimate Vitamin Glow, Divine Nutrition, White Radiance, Oxygenating Pure and Matte, Harmonie Calm, Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist)

75 min


Apple & Eve Ultimate Anti Ageing Facial

The ultimate protocol to prolong the signs of ageing and assist in collagen synthesis in the already aged skin. Our therapists work closely with Medik8, an innovative cosmeceutical skincare line who’s motto is “If you start at 30, you can look 40 by 50.”

90 min



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