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Eye Treatments

Brighten, shape and define. Your eyes are the most telling feature on your face. If your eyes look tired, or your eyebrows look unkempt or the skin area around your eyes is looking wrinkled or puffy, you’re not going to look and feel your best. Luckily we have a whole range of beauty treatments specifically for your eyes that will enhance your facial features and give you a rejuvenated look. Patch Test: If you’re booking a tint or perm your appointment will include a patch test. Contact Lenses: Must be removed for any eye treatments.

Vital Eyes Treatment

For this fatigue fighting treatment we use unique toning eye techniques to stimulate cellular renewal as well as a repairing anti-age eye mask to reduce puffiness. The result is a brighter and younger looking eye zone. Suitable for contact wearers and hay fever sufferers.

30 min


Endermolift Eye Lift Treatment

Specifically developed to target the delicate are around the eyes, this treatment reduces wrinkles, smooths crows feet, decreases puffiness, and improves the texture of the skin and density of the eye contour.

25 min


Eyebrow Tint
We use semi-permanent dye to give thin and sparse brows a more defined look. No shaping.


Eyelash Tint
Get darker, thicker and longer eye lashes with a semi-permanent tint.


GDL Eyelash Lift

A semi-permanent treatment that gives lashes an upward curl for up to six weeks.


GDL Eyelash Lift and Tint

No need for mascara. Get thicker and longer eye lashes with a curl.



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