Healing, calming, uplifting. Life is hectic. We all work hard and play hard. And before we know it we’re feeling stressed, anxious and finding it difficult to sleep, or we’re suffering from muscular pain, headaches and digestive problems. Aromatherapy treatments, which combine warm scented aromatherapy oils with calm, soothing massages, work on you both physically and psychologically to recharge your body and rebalance your emotions. When you inhale an essential oil, it triggers the part of your brain that controls emotions enabling you to switch off and relax. Then the essential oils are absorbed through the skin where their medicinal properties get to work on your problems. Tensions and stresses melt away to leave you feeling renewed and energised.

Decléor Aroma Blend Massage
A popular aromatherapy massage that gets rid of everyday stresses and strains by using a blend of essential oils to help your mind and body relax, and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth. Depending on how you want to look and feel we use a blend of essential oils and plant oils that are specific to your needs. Next is an effective massage technique that re-contours, firms and tones your body as well as soothing your mind.

30 min


60 min



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