Lycon waxing. Why you’ll never look back after Lycon

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With many other types of hot wax on the market, Lycon has taken the beauty industry by storm and here’s why…

Although there are many different types of hot waxing on the market, the newest advances in waxing technology have made a breakthrough with Lycon waxing. If you’ve tried waxing before or not, here’s an insight into why once you’ve experienced Lycon, you won’t want any other.

Most hair removal techniques will require a patch test before your first time.


First let’s start with the ingredients of the wax. Most waxes start with a base of resins but the quality can vary a fair amount on the waxing market. Lycon wax uses only the finest quality resins making the formulation altogether smoother and therefore more effective in clinging to the hairs as well as being less harsh on the skin. Lycon wax is also infused with aromatherapy oils and natural ingredients; this is why the smells of Lycon can always vary.


Next, the use of the wax is important to understanding why Lycon is a great option. It can be used at a relatively low temperature and remains pliable throughout the treatment. This means that unlike some sugar waxes which can harden and pull on the skin, it remains soft and eliminates pain. Also, there is much less risk of being burnt with Lycon.


The method of using the wax also requires more preparation than other waxes which means the results last longer. It is best to have clean skin, which will be cleansed by the technician before application. Then a wax oil is applied before the wax which means that there is a barrier of moisture between the skin and the wax. This is essential and exclusive to Lycon because not only does it keep the area soft and supple, it prevents tugging and leaves no sticky residue.

It is suitable for all areas on the body including delicate areas like face, eyebrows and bikini area, as well as arms, back and legs.

So if you’re new to the waxing game or have never tried Lycon, try it for yourself and never look back.

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