Exfoliation – Why it’s a skin saviour this autumn

by | Beauty Salon

Give your skin a re-vamp during the season change with an exfoliation and a body wrap to keep your body smooth and hydrated for the cold season ahead.

Season changes always bring changes in the skin due to a whole host of different factors. Central heating and air conditioning along with cold weather, extreme temperature change and cold can bring on dryness and dehydration. Fully body exfoliating treatments and body wraps are the ideal way to replenish yourself and guard from the effects that a season change such as autumn can have on your skin. Read on to understand exactly what these treatments are and how having them together makes your skin more comfortable and ready to face the cold months ahead.


Pollution from the city can also block pores and embed dirt into the surface of the epidermis of the skin. Periodical bodily exfoliation is a good way to deep cleanse the skin and keep the new layers of skin healthily forming. Not only does it clear pores and get rid of dead cells via friction, it feels lovely and keeps your skin feeling supple, smooth and totally refreshed. Full body exfoliations often consist of rougher ingredients than facial exfoliators and should not be used interchangeably. In order to get the best effects of exfoliation on the body, a trip to the salon is must and also is a great way to relax and be massaged while doing a good thing for your skin.

Using crushed fruit seeds with oil is a great way to use natural ingredients to make your skin bright and soft and when massaged into the skin in circular motions, will be a really good scrub and feels beautifully therapeutic too. If you find that you have problems with acne, which is a frequent problem occurring on the back, it’s an effective treatment along with steaming and deep cleansing. Visual as well as sensual results will follow and you’ll notice your skin is brighter and healthy looking and is also baby-soft.