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To some, the world of hair removal techniques (and the lingo that goes with it) is all a bit of a minefield. For one, the different types of waxing available – strip, sugar, chocolate and Lycon, to name just a few – sound like a confectioner’s selection box rather than a salon menu. So, if you’re someone who includes hair removal into your beauty regime, but have grown tired of the discomfort of shaving, here’s a quick and helpful guide to everything you’ll need to know about waxing, threading, electrolysis and laser.

Most hair removal techniques will require a patch test before your first time.


Rumoured to have been around since ancient Egyptian times

Waxing hasn’t lost any popularity as a modern-day beauty phenomenon. You’ve probably heard of all sorts of different prefixes for waxing, so here’s a breakdown of everything hair removal and which technique is best for you.

Strip waxing

Strip waxing is often a technique that many people buy from the supermarket shelves for a last minute DIY solution. In salons, strips are also used for thicker and less sensitive skin such as legs, arms and back. A very thin layer of warm wax is applied and removed with a strip of paper. Strip wax can’t really be used for more sensitive bikini areas where a thicker wax would be more effective.

Sugar and Chocolate

Smoothing the syrup-like hot wax onto the hair and quickly removing with one stroke in the opposite direction of the root remains the same among most waxing techniques, however, it’s the ingredients that make the difference. With sugar and chocolate, ingredients include sugar and cocoa which are applied straight onto the skin for effective and quick hair removal, lasting two to three weeks. Although this method is good, technological advancements in waxing means there are more recently improved techniques.


Cue the Lycon wax, which has stolen the limelight. The unique use of a pre-waxing oil used during a Lycon wax, creates an important barrier between the skin and the wax. This means that the wax does not tug on the skin and is therefore gentler. The oil is applied to the cleansed skin and the wax on top, leaving no sticky residue afterwards. For bikini areas, as well as body and face, this method is a tried and tested favourite.

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Face Threading

Get rid of stubborn facial hair

Another ancient technique, arguably originating in the East, is an increasingly popular method of intricate removal and particularly good for precision. Eyebrows are most commonly threaded for sharp definition and longer lasting results than plucking. Also women’s facial hair such as on the chin, upper lip and cheeks are effectively removed by threading. Using a coarse thread, the technician will use a trapping technique which rolls the roots of the hairs out and allows straight line removal. Pain-wise, it’s generally the same as plucking, but happens all at once.

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Smarter with hair removal

Although it may sound like a GCSE Chemistry module, the process of electrolysis is a method which removes hair individually and permanently. It is entirely medically approved and tested and destroys the hair follicle of unwanted hairs by inserting an extremely fine needle and sends a tiny electrical current. This technique might cause slight temporary redness, but only for a short time after the treatment.

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If hair removal is something you don’t want to have to think about ever again after doing it once, the laser might just be the one for you. All unwanted hair can be permanently removed with the laser method which is tingly but not painful. Thankfully, it works on all hair types and all areas and the laser applicator damages the follicle for a fraction of a second while leaving the skin around it completely unharmed. 3 – 5 sessions will be enough to remove hair for good so is a great option for those who are too busy to keep going to get waxed.

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