Wrinkle Relaxing (Botulinum toxin injections)


Facial expressions cause muscles to contract and lines and shadows appear in our skin (‘dynamic wrinkles’). As our skin looses elasticity these lines increasingly become visible when the muscle is contracting and are seen at rest, these are known as ‘static wrinkles’.

Botulinum toxin (commonly known simply to as “Botox” – although this term refers to a specific brand of Botulinum toxin) is a protein, which binds to the nerves that control muscle contraction, this temporarily prevents the signal from the nerve reaching the muscle.

Some of the most commonly treated areas treated to prevent or reverse static skin lines include the forehead, between eyebrows, around eyes and at the corners of the mouth.

Botulinum toxin treatment in the upper face lasts between 3-4 months. With repeated treatments resulting in muscle re-conditioning. The weakening of the treated muscles and strengthening of the opposing muscles means less treatments are not needed more than twice a year.

‘Baby botox’ is a treatment option referring to the use of small amounts of botulinum toxin to only partially relax the muscle group leaving some action for a more subtle preventative effect.

Botox Ⓡ Botulinum toxin injection cost


One area (20 units) £160
Two areas (40 units) £240
Three areas (60 units) £300
Other indications (e.g. jaw clenching or excess sweating) > £300




We do not re-treat the same area until full muscle re-animation is achieved, this normally means 6 monthly treatments. Do not book one of our Botox Ⓡ wrinkle relaxing treatments if you have had wrinkle relaxing injections for the same area within the last 5 months. Allowing muscle full re-animation is important as it prevents excessive muscle atrophy.


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