Skin scar and blemish skin remodelling treatments 


The aim of scar treatment is to first treat the underling cause and then to stimulate the skins natural ability to re-model. Established scars require treatments to reverse the damage.

During a scar consultation your doctor will first discuss conservative measures to reduce the appearance (masking, massage, compression, silicone gel sheets). Most clients with have already tried most of these and will wish to proceed with interventions to reduce the appearance of skin scarring.

Interventional treatments for scar management include: –

It is important to remember that these treatments may require repeating and a combination of treatments may be recommended. Severe scars not responding to the above treatments would need referal to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Scar consultation


Book a consultation with our doctor  £30

The management of acne, blocked pores, skin blemishes and scars may include topical and oral pharmacological treatment options. Your doctor will guide you through during the consultation. 


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