Micro-needling deep skin matrix remodelling treatment


Skin micro needling using devices such as derma-rollers and derma-pens stimulate repair and remodelling of the deeper layers of the skin. The degree of tissue remodelling is dependent on the baseline condition, tissue penetration depth and the number of treatments.

The epidermis of the face skin measures approximately 0.1mm and the underlying dermis is 1.5mm, full penetration into the dermis creates micro-trauma which stimulates a localised inflammatory reaction with platelet degranulation and secretion of growth factors. This enhances cellular proliferation and migration. This also recruits fibroblasts, these are cells which produce components of the extracellular matrix such as collagens and elastins.

Achieving the effective depth over the entire treatment area is what makes this an advanced technique which needs to be done with appropriate care and anaesthetic (this may include injections for regional facial anaesthetic blocks). A combination of micro needling tools (rollers, pens, punches) are deployed to achieve the required penetration depth in different areas of the face.

This depth of micro needling is used to promote deep skin renewal and boost collagen synthesis at the level of the dermis, achieving this involves micro-punctures through the epidermis and into the underlying vascular dermis, for this reason bruising and significant redness is common following this treatment.

Micro needling deep skin rejuvenation using derma roller and derma pen (1-1.5mm penetration depth) +/- topical application of sodium hyaluronate and polyrevitalizing solution (FILORGA NCTF 135 HA ® MESO)


Face, hairline, jaw-line, neck  £600
Hairline  £300
Scar (course of 3 treatments for scar remodelling and modulation) £700

Bruising and redness is common following micro needing. The down-time for this treatment can be 5-7 days long and skin shedding is common in the weeks following the treatment.  

We normally recommend patients undergo skin platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment 2-3 months after the they have completed their course of micro needling in order to rejuvenate and renew the epidermis.


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