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Lash Extensions

All new clients are required to carry out a glue patch test a minimum 48 hours before treatment once. Clients who are currently having or had chemotherapy in the last 6 month are not suitable for this treatment. Pregnant women are not suitable for this treatment unless medical note of approval is provided by doctor or midwife. Contact lenses must be removed prior to treatment. Please arrive with no eye make up on or around the eye or alternatively arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment to remove make up using your own removal products. No water is to be used on eyelash extensions within the first 24 hours after treatment therefore It is advised to wash hair prior to appointment.
Classic Lashes – KL Natural Enhancement Set

Ideal for those who want to try eyelash extensions for the first time. Clients usually progress up to the KL classic full set. (One individual lash extensions is applied to one individual natural lash using strand by strand application).

90 minutes
Classic Lashes – KL Classic Full Set

The Classic full set is ideal for clients who want a step up from the Natural Enhancement set, giving a noticeably fuller look whilst still looking quite natural and not too overpowering. Lashes will stay fuller longer than natural enhancement. (One individual lash extensions is applied to one individual natural lash using strand by strand application).

120 minutes
Classic Lashes – KL Classic Super Full Set

The Classic super full set achieves the fullest, maximum volume look using one by one lash application. Depending on the type of lash extension chosen by your technician to suit your needs, this look can go from a soft, full and natural look all the up to a heavy mascara look. This set is determined by the amount and strength of their natural lashes. (One individual lash extensions is applied to one individual natural lash using strand by strand application).

140 minutes
Tahitian Feathering – Advanced master technique

Multiple lightweight lashes are applied onto one natural lash using varying lengths along the hair shaft to give a light, natural feathering effect. Eyelashes appear full, natural and feathery.

Full Set
Bottom Lash Extensions

Bottom lashes create a more balanced look complimenting upper lashes, they last approximately 7-10 days using odour free glue great for special occasions.

KL Bottom lashes add on

Maintenance is required every 2-3 weeks on eyelash extensions. The purpose of an infill is to tidy up and refresh your full set of lash extensions so they look as good as a new set. Each grown out lash extension is removed and replaced with a fresh eyelash extension, lashes that have shed out due to your eyelashes natural growth cycle will be replaced. You also have the option to change the look and style of your lash extensions at your infill appointment. Any classic infills over 4 weeks will be charged the rate of a natural enhancement set, Tahitian feathering will be charged the rate of a half set. * Please note KL may not infill eyelash extensions applied previously by other technicians, removal and new set may be recommended.

Classic enhancement infill
Full set infill
Tahitian feathering infill

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