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Luxury Grooming Treatments For Him. Feeling the pressure? If you’ve been overdoing it at work or at the gym, or you just want to feel better, you deserve a relaxing or energising treatment that’s been designed specifically for you. Whether you want to repair skin that’s been damaged by daily shaving, the effects of the environment or outdoor pursuits. Or you want a full grooming experience with a massage or a body wax, all our treatments will rejuvenate your skin to keep you looking fit and healthy.
Intensive Energising Body Treatment

Combat long working hours and sports-tired muscles with this relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. It includes an intense, therapeutic massage to de-stress the neck and shoulders, and a full body deep tissue massage using pure pepper and cypress essential oils to help you unwind.

30 minutes
60 minutes
Express Energising Face Treatment

Time saving and face saving, this high-speed half-hour anti-aging treatment can be slotted into the busiest diary. It includes a thorough exfoliation and revitalising face massage with clove oil, to leave every type of skin clear, fresh and revitalised. It also reduces beard growth.

30 minutes
Intensive Energising Face Treatment

This fatigue-fighting, anti-aging treatment targets and treats shaving bumps and irritation. We use an oak and green clay hydrating pure energy that decongests deep down to re-energise skin and an Arromessence Homme super serum with clove oil to leave skin relaxed, smooth and healthy. It also reduces beard growth.

60 minutes

We use tiny crystals to gently exfoliate your skin to leave it looking softer, brighter and younger.

45 minutes
Microdermabrasion with Decléor Facial

We use tiny crystals to gently exfoliate your skin to leave it looking softer, brighter and younger. It’s followed by a Decléor facial that uses soothing essential oils to replenish and to reinvigorate.

75 minutes
Laser Hair Removal

We offer painless and permanent hair removal with our new range of next generation laser treatments for all parts of the body. It’s safe for all skin types, hair types and most hair colours and can be used to treat large areas of the body quickly and effectively. Click the button to view all laser options and prices.

All body areas
£50 upwards

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