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Laser Hair Removal in London – What to expect?

Going Full Smooth This Spring-Summer
May 04 2017, words by Jacquie Esparza

Having a roll-on summer moment?

There are so many fantastic outdoor events to look forward to in the London Area this coming summer period. We’re all getting really excited just thinking about the warmer months ahead of us as the blossoms begin to disappear from the trees around central London slowly. We all agree that the only thing that spoils these amazing months ahead is the constant stress of having to plan time-saving ways of staying on top of our personal care when we have so many better things to do with our time. Oh to live in a world where the body doesn’t require such constant attention all the time!

Smooth bikini in beauty salon with Laser hair removal in London

Now, more than ever, it is a good idea to start considering your beauty needs concerning full body hair removal, which is a must if you’re planning any outdoor events at the very minimum this summer. And not to mention the many outdoor concerts and festivals planned and that’s without even thinking about our needs in terms of the beach! There is no way we would even think of setting foot on the sand without our perfectly manicured hands and toes at the very least, so hair removal goes without saying, obviously!

Get Ready For Summer

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Speaking of hair removal….

We want to focus in on this subject a touch more than other treatments for today as we think it is imperative to find a good, trustworthy salon that can take care of these issues for you in a way which is both perfunctory and pampering! It can make life so much easier, to have these things decided in advance and we think that like all treatments, it should leave you feeling as relaxed as you would be having just been for a facial.

Hair removal is genuinely a tedious and sometimes painful process if we’re truthful. We believe that under the right conditions, it can be turned from that dreaded experience to one that can be both luxurious and pampering, even relaxing, if done correctly.

As you can probably imagine, we therapists have collectively tried so many different ways to get rid of our unwanted body hair over the years and feel that our current favourite means by far has got to be Laser Hair Removal. After all, isn’t it worth paying a little more in the short term, especially if the process actually causes the hair growth to come back finer and potentially slower as a result? Laser hair removal can require fewer treatments over time too which should cost us all fewer pennies in the long run. Finally, laser hair removal is not a painful treatment for the vast majority of people. Many people who undergo laser treatment describe it as almost feeling like the snap of an elastic band on the skin followed by a warm sensation almost like a very mild sunburn for a few hours after treatment. However, there are a number of precautions that need to be followed in order to ensure that your laser treatments are as comfortable and as safe as possible.


⸭It may involve several treatment sessions to achieve long-lasting Full Body Hair Removal results. And given the hair re-growth time recommended in between the sessions, it may take several months to get rid of all unwanted hair.


Time and (holiday) tides wait for no man…or woman!

Most of our clients happily admit to us, that a day in the salon is their occasional guilty pleasure even if some of the treatments are a little pricey, as they know they’re worth it. They generally find that the time constraints are their biggest beauty issue. They simply don’t have a time or the energy to take care of their own hair removal needs and why should they? – we ask ourselves… Apple & Eve clients generally work long and hard enough to warrant being able to hand the reigns of their bodies over to qualified professionals who can quickly take care of all of that for them in a professional and pampering manner while they just lie there in a state of – well, as close to bliss as we can provide!

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We appreciate that many people are still big fans of razors and DIY hair removal, but the difference in the results of a professional salon session far outweigh the somewhat temporary and less rave-worthy effects achieved at home! Just book an appointment with Apple & Eve and let us show you exactly what we mean. We are confident you will throw that old razor away once you have seen the magic our expert therapists can do!

⸭Suntan and Laser Hair Removal treatment: “To take care of tanned skin without causing burns would be to use such low settings that the treatment would not be satisfactory at all,” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine.

So you haven’t tried laser hair removal before?

For all of you out there who have never tried laser hair removal before we highly recommend you do, as it really doesn’t take very long to have a single session and the results are worth the investment. Please mind that for all light, blonde hair or those that have already gone grey Laser Hair Removal may not be the best treatment as there isn’t enough colour in the hair to allow the laser to damage the root permanently which we know the outcome could be subpar. In such instance, we recommend to come in for a chat at Apple & Eve, and we will definitely be able to find you an alternative solution to your hair removal needs that will still beat the razor by a long way.

⸭Laser Hair Removal treatment is the most successful on darker hair while light and thin hair may provide lesser effects.

Going forward in the spirit of honesty, we think you should know all the facts up front before you book. You do need multiple sessions to reduce the returning hair growth efficiently, and it will rarely give you permanent removal though it will take considerably longer to grow back than before your sessions. We’ve heard many of our Clients saying that laser hair removal did give them permanent hair removal though, so you never know…

As much as full body hair removal in London can be somewhat pricey, we still find it as a superior method as the smooth skin lasts a great deal longer than the length of time achieved with a razor or DIY hair removal kit. Successful session at Apple & Eve delivers lasting results, as hair re-growth is substantially lessened and takes way longer to reoccur. When it does return, it is so much finer than before and easier to manage. If you’re lucky, you may even find that the hair growth ceases all but indefinitely.


⸭Did you know?  Those who achieve the greatest results usually go in for a full body hair removal treatment every 4 to 6 weeks as your hair follicles are on their particular development cycle. So to receive the best results from laser hair removal, you must be consistent.


Quality Control of the Pampering Variety

We began scouring the surrounding area recently and became aware of just how many other London salons were offering various Laser treatments. We know their prices don’t differ significantly from salon to salon, but so many companies are offering a huge variety of diverse laser hair removal services. It can be so confusing and therefore tricky to decide between them all, especially since they are quite comparatively priced and often offer many of the same services.

Personally, we don’t think you can place a price tag on a good therapist who knows your preferences and delivers a perfect experience every time! Leaving a salon in complete satisfaction is a rarity in our opinion, so here at Apple & Eve, we do our best to instil a feeling of loyalty in our customers by way of the little touches we bring to our services on each and every occasion they honour us with their business. We are also keeping up with a modern laser hair removal innovations to deliver best possible results with the most advanced technology (at Apple & Eve we use XLASEplus Diode applicator, which is in-line to known Soprano Laser).



Having looked at the salons in our, we remain totally confident that our salon stands out in terms of the luxurious pampering experience that our clients have come to expect from us. Pay us a visit, and we will demonstrate exactly why that is the case.



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